Forget what the purists say; trikes are here, and they’re here to stay! While purist riders don’t consider three wheelers to be much of motorcycles, but there officially considered to motorcycles in most countries. Regardless of the opinion, you may hold about three-wheelers, the word on the street is that they are a valid form of transportation and very fun to ride.

The main difference between riding a motorcycle and driving a trike is that you do not lean on them and do not also possess the ability to counter steer. You only steer in the direction you want to go. There’s a lot more to trikes than what meets the eye. Let’s take a look and find out.

Why might consumers choose trikes over a two-wheel bike?

  1. Convenience: Trikes enjoy massive popularity among aging bikers who face discomfort in riding traditional bikes due to various physical ailments. From slowing reflexes to aching joints, most oldsters have to overcome a great barrier of complications just to sit on motorbikes. With trikes, they can enjoy a ride in a super steady and seemingly safer machine that provides all the thrills of riding a two-wheeler.
  2. Comfort: Because of the heavier frame of this machine, people can enjoy a whole new level of comfort while riding on a trike. They can also gain mental peace due to the fact that these machines do not need to be balanced and cannot fall over for any reason. Trikes are very popular among aged women as well who have never ridden motorcycles because they can easily learn how to drive without knowing the basics of balancing.
  3. Cargo space: Like carrying the world with you? Well, you’ll be carrying a lot once you own a trike because these motorcycles come with a lot more cargo space than standard two-wheelers. Whether you’re out on a picnic or going off for a month long road trip, you can fit a lot of your bags and baggage inside of the trike’s storage compartment. All that would be left to do is hop on-board and enjoy the great outdoors.
  4. Safety: The security level trikes provide is unparalleled due to the three-wheel setup. Not having to concentrate on maintaining balance will leave you free to focus more on the road. Moreover, these machines are very stable, and almost anyone can learn how to ride them in a very short period of time. If for any reason your safety is compromised due to any other vehicle, don’t hesitate to contact an attorney.
  5. Style: Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, style is another reason to buy a trike that you can strike off the checklist. Even those who are hard-core motorcycle enthusiasts are now saying that trikes are the future both in terms of performance and in style. Riding on three wheels doesn’t take away any of your charisma; you only look more dashing as a result.


Says the popularity of these machines is on a steady rise, we can expect a lot of different makes and models hitting the shelves in the near future. Book one of these today and see how your entire riding experience changes for the better.