You are going to need a list of medical marijuana doctors in florida if you wish to be able to find another way to treat your condition. Use of marijuana has been made legal for medical purpose in the state and this would be good news for you as it means you now have an alternative to use in dealing with your condition. But it does not mean that you can gain access to the substance that easy either. There are stages you need to go through before being able to use the substance.

First, you will have to conduct an interview to really determine if the condition you have is indeed treatable using marijuana. The interview is held online so you do not have to worry about a thing if your condition renders you unable to go out of the house. Once you are confirmed qualified, you will be linked to one of the Marijuana Doctors Florida and it is with this doctor that you will build a line of communication for about 90 days.

Following the establishment of patient-doctor relationship, you will be granted access to Florida Medical Marijuana to treat your condition. This will be done under supervision and in fact, you are obliged to report back to your doctor in regards of your progress following the marijuana use.